Welcome to the Blog. This is your voice on Friedlaenders and Real Estate in general

Hi Guys,

We are setting up this blog to comment on the poor treatment we received from Friedlaenders Real Estate (of Elwood, Victoria, Australia) when trying to recover our bond and trying to get them to meet there responsibilities in a matter over a Hot water leak that cost us extra money on our gas bill.

The performance on the matter has been (in my opinion) poor to say it nicely. You will hear some classic cases of just treating your customer like crap and just not understanding customer service.

Any way, more to come later. Sign up for the RSS feed if you want to get updated on the details of this case and of others people report to me.


PS. If you have a story you want to tell of FriedLaenders or any other Real Estate agent, let me know and I will publish it (if appropriate). For that matter, if you have a good story, let me know that as well.

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One thought on “Welcome to the Blog. This is your voice on Friedlaenders and Real Estate in general

  1. Yea.. I had the pleasure of being asked to friedlaenders office to demo a car to meet a the boss… what a ********. I found your problems by doing a search on the company myself just out of interest as usually these people are consistant in business with everyone… absolute ******* !!! (NOTE: edited term (same term used twice) replaced with ****** as I am not sure that I should be allowing its publishing or adds to the comment. Lets just say that the Comment author didn’t think much of the person he dealt with).

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