Things are a Foot!

Well in our dispute with Friedlaenders, things are moving along and a
big milestone has been reached. I am not going to say more now but will
once things are over and done with, a lot more on this situation will be published here.

Any comments or stories or tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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One thought on “Things are a Foot!

  1. Hi Molly

    I absolutely can’t believe I came across this site! Well done to you! I’m not sure how to leave a post so that everyone can read it and it appears on your site – so I have left a reply comment instead (I’m not very computer savy).

    Friedlaenders stuffed me around too only recently. I applied for a property and got it. They sent me through the contract which was dodgy – asking me to be a tenant for 14 months (not the discussed 12 months) and the rent on the agreement was also higher than advertised. When I questioned the rent they said they round the rent to the nearest $10? What? Are they joking? Their first email said this..

    “We can confirm your tenancy application has been approved for 14 months with rent being $275per week.

    Please advise which is your preferred start date and what time you are able to come to our office to pay your first months rent and to sign your tenancy agreement.”

    After I queried the sudden rent rise their next correspondence was this..

    “We have just received instructions from the owner that your application has not been successful.”

    And the apartment is still on the market while the owner is losing all that rent money! And the owner wouldn’t have even known that they had an application approved. There is no way an owner would reject an application just because the contract was queried.

    They also asked for bond to be made out to them not RTBA which isn’t normal practice.

    I know someone at Consumer Affairs who I will send this link to and make an official complaint. I’m sure you’ve done this but it all helps. Good luck Molly!


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