puts digital toe in the podcast water has open a number of blogs in the past and have been very forward in releasing comments that might be critical of agents which in effect are real’s customers. Now they have released a podcast as a trail and I think this is a wonderful idea and it will be interesting to see how successful it is. podcast

The Podcasts are hosted by Cameron Reilly (Owner of The Podcast Network) who acts as the interviewer and Andrew Pedler who is described to us as “Realestate Expert”. The first show opens up as if we know these guys, which is true of Cam as his life is an open book and he is clearly there as expert Podcaster and a great interviewer.

My problem is with Pedler and there explanation of him. As mentioned above, he is sold to us as a Realestate expert but we don’t know why. It isn’t explained to us what his qualifications are. It isn’t explained to us where he has come from. It isn’t explained to me where he works, where I can find out more about him. None of these things are touched on in the Podcasts or on the site.

Also there isn’t any where on the main site for the listener to add comments or ask question of this “Realestate Expert”. It would be great if they asked for questions and answered them either on the site or on the show.

In general the content of the shows is pretty good. It does sound a bit robotic. It sounds like it could do with a bit freeing up of the reigns and something like a few listener questions could be just the thing to do that.

In summary, it definitely is great that they have gone down this track and I look forward to listening to the next group of episodes (oh, thats another thing, these just appeared out of no where, which is fair enough for a test but will future Podcasts appear on a regular basis?) and see if Simon Baker (CEO of real takes some of these suggests on-board.


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2 thoughts on “ puts digital toe in the podcast water

  1. Molly
    Thanks for the comments regarding the podcasts that we are playing around with at the moment.
    It is an idea that we want to experiment with to see how popular they really.
    We are more than happy to take on the feedback and will let everyone know, via the blogs, of the next set of podcasts.
    Simon Baker

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Definitely keep them up as they are very educational and the fact that you have commented here shows this isn’t just some marketing trick, you want to get involved in the conversation. Perhaps adding comments to the podcasting site would be an interesting way of extending the conversation and even setting up an audio comment line (which are very popular at the moment) might be worth considering.


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