I love the Smell of Coffee at an Inspection?

I was put on to The Australian Real Estate Blog by someone interested in Real Estate blogs (more about this at a later date (man I say that a lot)) and one of the recent articles makes for very interesting reading, especially to those people in the market for a new house. 

What if a potential purchaser smells fresh paint during an inspection? And what if this leads a purchaser to suspect that something dodgy is going on? Some people may actually investigate further to find out what was repaired, and how well it was repaired. Stockdale & Leggo have a tip that could save embarrassment.

Source: The Australian Real Estate Blog

So the post goes on to show a tip from Stockdale & Leggo that can be used to mask the smell of fresh paint. This is blog looks like a must subscribe by anyone that is in the market for a house!

Oh and don’t forget to read the comments for some of the other ways people have noticed sellers covering up bad smells. Makes you wonder! And what effect will vanilla extract have on the paint in the long run?



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