What if you could rate people you deal with? Lets say you could rate, Charles Friedlaenders?

Why has eBay (the leading online auction site on the web) become such a success in what you must admit is a business that could be very dodgy! I mean your buying second hand goods from total strangers and you can’t see the goods first and you don’t even know if they have the goods or just found a photo some where on the Internet.

Click for bigger imageSo what is arguably the reason for eBay’s success? I would argue its the rating system that they use that allows you to rate someone that you have just had a transaction with. So I buy a notebook computer off Joe Blogs and when it comes, it doesn’t work the way it was described. If Joe doesn’t do anything about this, I can at least leave a negative feedback both in a rating and describe the transaction.

So all sellers and buyers have a rating and you can check out what people are saying about the person. One of the things a good rating show is that you are less likely to get ripped off because its to hard to get a high rating that you don’t want to risk it (I know my wife is less likely to accept bids or buy from people with negative ratings) and your not going to make 100 transactions just to set up for a scam (unless its a huge scam).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a look at some site and see what reputation a business that you are dealing with has. In this example, wouldn’t it be great if you could let others know the good or bad experience you have had with Friedlaenders, so that others could search out and find whether they have a good reputation in the community. Well there is a service out there you can contribute to the reputation of a person or business that have had experience with.

The site/service is Rapleaf. Basically you can search for an entity by email or Phone number. Once you find the entity, you can rate the entities from the point of view as either them being a buyer, a seller, a swapper or just a friend and the rating is displayed to show the different between ratings by a person doing a transaction (the commerce score), Friends score and then the percentage score. See more here in the Rapleaf FAQ. Friedlaenders's Rapleaf ScoreOnce you have a user in the Rapleaf system, you (or they) can display their Rapleaf reputation in a graphical form. To the right of here is the Friedlaenders Rapleaf score. I entered them in with my thoughts of my interaction with them. If you have had a positive, neutral or negative interaction with Friedlaenders, I would ask you to go and add to their Rapleaf Reputation so it is available for others. My Rapleaf is also on the sidebar to the top right. So if you know me or do business with me, feel free to rate me.

Also don’t hesitate to add more companies that you deal with. This is a great concept and hopefully it will become a great tool to find out which businesses are the ones we should be dealing with.