A lot of searches for Friedlaenders. Is something up?

The subject says it all. There has been an increase in traffic and I am wondering if something is up? Any one know whats going on?


5 thoughts on “A lot of searches for Friedlaenders. Is something up?

  1. Charles decided to show up at my place and let himself in yesterday.. as I was sitting on my couch in my underwear at that!! I had to call the police for him to leave!!!!

  2. Hi Kylie,
    I have had this sort of comment made to me before. It really is sad and I was hoping it was just someone pulling my leg or having a joke with me as you would hope that people wouldn’t do this.

    To others, know your rights and make sure you alert the authorities.

  3. Yeah, My husband got out of bed one day to find him, camera in hand, in our living room too.

  4. This is another report of problems with Charles at FRE. I shall not go into detail, but this guy is extremely unprofessional and I find it hard to believe that he is allowed to operate.

    I love this comment on the FRE website:
    “Charles’ style is very individual, direct and upfront”

    An alternative, and more accurate interpretation of “direct and upfront” based upon our experience is rude, insulting and lacking any judgment.

    All potential customers be warned – you might think things will be ok but, as the old saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire.

  5. HI AnotherOne,
    This point of view has been convayed to me many times. I hope you were able to get your issue sorted out. Important lesson for everyone is to record everything you can. Document it!

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