How does Friedlaenders get away with this?

I recently got an email from another unhappy customer of Friedlaenders. The story sounds all to familiar (and one day I will get around to publishing our story, god I am slack). I got the okay from the email author to publish his story:

I’m not to sure if I’m disgusted or glad that it’s not only me that has had trouble with Friedlaenders in the past. It sounds to me as though getting a bond back from this so called agent is similar to that of getting blood from a stone.

I arrived in Australia and was unfortunate enough to lease a property in the Docklands via Friedlaenders. Not realizing the potential headache I was getting myself into I happily signed on the dotted line. BIG mistake

For the first 9 months of the lease there were no problems. I didn’t hear anything from them and figured everything was going along fine. That was until the 10th month when I received a call from another real estate company advising they had been instructed to sell the property so for the remaining 3 months of my every Saturday I’d have to give an open inspection for an hour. Not to happy about finding this out via someone I didn’t know I called Jason of Friedlaenders only to be told he was busy and would call me back…

3 weeks late after numerous calls I was lucky enough to speak to Jason as he had picked up the phone on reception. He said that he knew nothing about the vendor selling and would get back to me. At this point I advised that I would be vacating the property at the end of the lease.

I followed my verbal notice up with a written notice and that was that………or so I thought.

After 3 months of inspections and dressing apartment to help it sell I vacated on the 24th June without so much as a phone call or letter from Friedlaenders.

I called Friedlaenders to say I would be dropping the keys back and was unfortunate enough to speak to Mr. Friedlaender (the bald devil looking guy on their website) who replied telling me that I need to serve notice and I would therefore need to pay another months rent and that an inspection would need to be undertaken (the 1st one within 12 months mind you).

After the inspection I received a letter which had been backdated stating that the property wasn’t left in a good enough standard due to there being weeds in the garden and a beer can one of the bushes (no lie)

I called Friedlaenders for approx 2 months to get my bond refunded. In the end I had to file for a court date at which point I had to contact Jason to make sure he could attend. Low and behold he tells me the land lord was going to refund my bond in full.

I spoke to the other agent that sold the property and they told me that they were extremely happy with the sale and commended me for the cleanliness of the apartment and helping in the sale. Friedlaenders however claim that the vendor was withholding the bond. It took Friedlaenders 3 months from the end of my lease to refund my money.

I hope that people get to read your site prior to taking a lease or buying a property through these guys. They are without a doubt the rudest, most aggressive unprofessional company I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

So the moral of this story is that you should have everything in writting, keep records and at all cost, avoid Friedlaenders Real Estate!