Its Been a while. Back with a Laugh

Was checking out the google results on the search for "Friedlaenders" and noticed this on the Profile page of Friedlaeders:

During this time Friedlaenders has developed an enviable reputation. Our provision of expert Rental Management has allowed us to grow at such a rapid rate over such a short period of time simply by word of mouth referral. We believe our satisfied Clients are our best advertisement; and this continues to be proven, day in, day out, as new Clients come to us for their real estate needs.

Company Profile

Now, maybe there is some very happy customers of the Company, but I have heard numerous that would have your head turning and your feet running away from these guys at a million miles an hour.

So I send out this challenge, if you have a good story of your experiences with Charles and the guys, let me know and I will publish it (with your permission). You can still let me know about the bad stories you have with Friedlaenders as well of course and if you want, I will add them to the site as well.  But surely they can’t be all bad, can they?