Friedlaenders going by Fre. Hmmm..Wonder why?

Got a note from a reader that pointed out the Friedlanders Real Estate was starting to try to pass themselves off as Fre. I actually noticed this when I went past recently (by the way, the Fish and Chip shop a couple of doors down has gone way down hill! After an hour wait including “Oh, we forgot to put on your order”, they forgot part of our order!) that there sign on there shop front was “” rather then Friedlaenders! I wonder why? Any one got any ideas? Hmm…..

Can I suggest that “Under new management” message might be more successful (well, as long as it really is under new management)!
From the evidence that is being sent to me, there is no evidence that Fre is any better then Friedlaenders Real Estate.

UPDATE: This is TOO FUNNY! I searched “Fre” as someone told me you don’t find my site when you search for them by that name. Guess what is number one on Google! Freddie Mac! Don’t know this name? Perhaps you have heard of the GFC (and I don’t mean the Geelong Footy Club)?